Велоспорт-маунтинбайк (DHI)

Чемпионат Новой Зеландии 2015: байк чек

Национальный чемпионат Новой Зеландии собрал райдеров всех близ
лежащих островов и островков. Приехали из зимы в лето и многие прорайдеры. Покатались, а за одно и присмотрелись к соперникам и их байкам…..

Ed Masters and his Beragmont Straitline. Ed was quick to point out the new leak valves on top of his forks. Ed is going for 26PSI in the front tyre and 28PSI in the rear this weekend. 780MM bars and total bike weighs in at 38 pound.
Ed Masters/Bergamont Straitline.

Jake WildBoy Robinson and his new 2015 Transition TR500. Jake is running his bars at 777mm wide and 25PSI in the tyres.
Jake ‘WildBoy’ Robinson/2015 Transition TR500.

Current U19 NZ Champ Keegan Wright and his 2015 Giant Glory 0 with the full WideOpen treatment. Keegan s bike features the new 2015 Marzocchi 380 C2R2 fork and a Atomlab DHR SL wheel set with the new 102 points of engagement hub. Keegan is running 760mm bars 23PSI in his front tyre and 28 in the rear. Total bike weighing in at 16.5 kgs
Действующий чемпион Новой Зеландии в категории U19 Keegan Wright/2015 Giant Glory.

Caleb Burgess and his stunning mullet. This kids a true rock punch and said if he wasn t riding he d be home slashing string on his bass. Caleb is part of the Norco Racing NZ Development team.
Caleb Burgess/Norco Racing NZ Development team.

The Bulldog. Brook is loving the new track and says its awesome to have a world cup level track so central. Brook was running lots of cool trick bits on his bike including the full Fox RAD suspension treatment. Brook was running his bars cut down to 770mm and his tyre pressures resembled something of a catalogue for wheel sizes. 26PSI in the front and 27.5PSI in the rear. He also was running a SRM Powermeter to help make thing easier to read and understand with training.
Bulldog. Brook Macdonald.

The local boy Louis Hamilton and his 2014 Commencal Supreme. Louis is running his bars at 780mm wide and is running his tyres higher than most at 32PSI front and rear.
Louis Hamilton/2014 Commencal Supreme

Manuel Gruber of Radon Magura Factory Downhill and his Radon Prototype 2.0 Downhil bike. Manuel is an Austrian rider who is here for our summer season living in Queenstown with Bernard Kerr and the crew. The total bike was weighing in at 16.5Kgs.
Manuel Gruber/Radon Prototype 2.0

Bernard Kerr and his Pivot Phoenix Carbon. Bernard and his team have recently changed suspension sponsors so he was running the new team spec Fox Suspension Setup. Strapped onto his rig was a set of prototype Reynolds Carbon DH wheels. Bernard was running tubes and putting 24PSI in the front and 28 PSI in the rear. Bernard is running his bars cut down to 768mm.
Bernard Kerr/Pivot Phoenix Carbon.

Kieran Bennets and his 2015 Santa Cruz V10.6 C. Kieran chose to run Maxxis Shorty tyres to help get some grip in the dust but still be able to pedal on the grass sections. Kieran is Sponsored by BOS suspension so was running the new BOS Idylee Air forks. 26 PSI in the front and 29 PSI in the rear
Kieran Bennets/2015 Santa Cruz V10.6 C.

Matt Scoles stoked on the track life in general and his super sick WideOpen Supreme. Matt s running 800mm wide Gravity bars and is running 25PSI in his front tyre and 27PSi in the rear.
Matt Scoles

Sophie tyres Tyas and here shwing new 2015 3Sixty Racing Team Banshee Legend. Sophie was running 760mm bars to keep things proportioned for her. A 350 pound rear Ti-Springs Spring and 52 PSI in the forks keep things plush.
Sophie Tyas /2015 3Sixty Racing Team Banshee Legend.

Jack Fisher and his new Santa Cruz V10.6 CC. Jack swapped out the basic Fox 40 s the bike came with for a custom Boxxer RC come World Cup conversion fork. Jack is running 780mm Bars and 27PSi front and 29PSI rear.
Jack Fisher /Santa Cruz V10.6 CC.

The man with all the pressure on this weekend George Brannigan. George is looking great on track and is making it clear to all the other riders that he wants to keep that NZ Sleeve.
George Brannigan.

Current NZ elite mens champ George Brannigan of Trek Work Racing and his Session 9.9. George s bike was stock factory team spec. George is running his Carbon Renthal bars cut down to 760. Tyre pressures of choice is 24PSI front and 28PSI in the rear. Tubeless was the go so no punctures for him. Total bike weighing in at 33 pound with a Ti spring and no pedals.
Действующий чемпион Новой Зеландии по даунхиллу George Brannigan/ Trek Session 9.9.

Liam Jackson and his Devinci Wilson full world cop spec. Liam was running the new Rockshox SoloAir Upgrade kit in his forks and really hard tyres.
Liam Jackson/DaDevinci Wilson full World Cup spec.

Wyn Masters and his Bulls Wildcore. Wyn was running the mad setup with having 5 Bottonless tokens in his boxers and a 325 pound rear spring. Wyn runs 760mm bars to keep things snappy. 30 PSI rear and 28 PSI front
Wyn Masters/Wildcore.

Shania Rawson and her little Devinci Wilson.
Shania Rawson /Devinci Wilson.

Kyle Lockwood and his stunning brand new 2015 Pivot Phoenix Carbon. Kyle has his Phoenix fully kitted out with all the latest Sram bits and custom Enve M90 rims built on Onyx Hubs. Kyle is running 4 Sram bottomless tokens in his forks. Tubelessed to help keep it extra trail bike weight like running his tyres at 25 PSI front and 28PSI rear.
Kyle Lockwood /2015 Pivot Phoenix Carbon.

Cole Lucas and his 2015 Banshee Legend. Cole is one of the headline riders on the 3Sixty Racing team and runs a full top spec team build including the mega quick engaging Halo Chaos wheel set. Cole is only 16 years old but runs a XL frame and makes it look small. Coles bars are uncut at 800mm. Tube tyres being run at 30PSI front and back.
Cole Lucas/ 2015 Banshee Legend.

Sarah Atkin and her 26 Evil undead. Sarah is running 25 PSI rear and 20 PSI front. 780mm bars help keep things nice and steady.
Sarah Atkin /26″ Evil

Veronique Sandler and her YT Industries Tues. Vero has recently signed with loose riders clothing and is repping one of the coolest jerseys on the track this weekend. Vero was running a very soft set suspension set up A 225 pound spring in the rear and the extra light spring in the front. 22PSI in her front tyre and 27PSI in the rear.
Veronique Sandler/YT Industries Tues.

Gianluca Vernassa of Italy with the only 2015 Devinci Wilson at the race. Gianluca s bike came bearing many little Italian treats such as some new Titanium hubs. Gianluca is running his bars at 780mm. Tire pressure of choice for the weekend is 25PSI front and 27PSI Rear. He was running a Ti-Springs 7 speed drivetrain converter as he didn t want to run 10 gears but also didn t want to run his nice XO1 DH group set

altВ В Gianluca Vernassa/ 2015 Devinci Wilson

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